MIla J is a ride or die for Kevin McCall in the short film for “Times Like These”

Mila plays the ride or die girlfriend to Kevin McCall. Kevin losses his job, gets his car towed and starts reserving eviction notices. Through all of this Mila still stood by him. He was then struggling, so he was forced into the life of crime. He gets busted by the cops. When he is asked question he doesn’t answer. They then gets Mila from the house and brings her to the station expecting her to give them a name but she gives them nothing. She wasn’t going to do anything to make her man go to jail which ended up with her in jail for the crime.

Although this was an excellent short film that was directed by Blue Gregory, I bet she felt like she should have thought more about herself at the end. IDK just a thought.

OMG I love this video I watched about four times before doing this post. OnPoint!

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