(It’s Because I Love You) Chapter 8: Mixed Signals

OMAR Omar yelled, “Did you hear me the first time?” I couldn’t speak, looking at the phone then back at Omar. I decided in that moment, to cut the conversation short whispering, “I’ll call you back”. Quickly I hung up the phone, then looked over at Omar. I thought to myself, I can play this…Read more »

Drake Makes Another Track To Meek Mill Response “Back to Back Freestyle”

Drake premiered “Charged Up” on Saturday’s installment of “OVO Sound Radio“, he clears the air from Meek Mill saying Drake had a ghost writer for his verse on “R.I.C.O.” from Meek’s album Dreams Worth More Than Money. A not so happy Meek responded yesterday so Drake in returned shared another track with us via Twitter, called…Read more »

(Its Because I Love You) Chapter 6: You Don’t Understand

Christina “I have to think about it”, I said uneasy. “What is there to think about?” Trey said irritated. “You don’t understand”, I said trying to end the conversation. “I can’t understand something you’re not telling me” “It’s too much to explain”, I replied hoping Trey would get the point. “Christina I love you and…Read more »