Fox News Slams Jay Z And Beyonce’s #BlackLivesMatter Support

While everyone has been proud of Beyoncé and Jay Z for their contribution to #BlackLivesMatter, you have Fox News that have to make them seem like they did something wrong. This past weekend, writer and organizer dream hampton took to Twitter to reveal that The Carters have donated “tens of thousands” of dollars toward bail money for protesters as well as other needs.

“We know that they’ve been supportive of the administration, over four million dollars donated over the course of time. So in the case of Ferguson, if you like it, then I guess you bring the bail for it,” Hasselbeck said, making a play off of Beyonce’s “Put A Ring On It.”

Steve Doocy adding in a jab for good measure, referring to the recent unrest in Baltimore as “lawlessness.”

“The lawlessness in Baltimore that we saw, and the people who got out, can thank  Jay Z and Beyoncé now,” he said.

Via Vibe