Chapter 10: Its Because I Love You (The Real Me)

“its Because I Love You” is a fan fiction created by Domonique Hume.


NEW MUSIC: Jazmine Sullivan – Forever Don’t Last

Jazmine Sullivan has surprised us again with another new track called ‘Forever Don’t Last’. Ms. Sullivan sings about a relationship she felt work last forever but because of the way people think these days, that’s not possible. She says at one point in the song that she tried but she had to understand that its just…Read more »

(Its Because I Love You) Chapter 6: You Don’t Understand

Christina “I have to think about it”, I said uneasy. “What is there to think about?” Trey said irritated. “You don’t understand”, I said trying to end the conversation. “I can’t understand something you’re not telling me” “It’s too much to explain”, I replied hoping Trey would get the point. “Christina I love you and…Read more »