Accepting Different Perspectives

It’s hard for us to hear someone say something that we totally disagree with, without feeling offended. Its absolutely OK for someone to feel offended, but one still need to appreciate someone else’s perspective. No matter how outrageous their opinion may be, listening to them will allow one to better understand where they’re coming from. Sometimes it makes sense sometimes it doesn’t, finding the root to why they think the way they think, can help one understand how they should handle that person.

In the video below Domonique talks about the reasons one should be open to different perspectives. After watching the video please comment with any reasons that may have been forgotten. Also, comment below and tell us what you think about the video.

NEW VIDEO: JoJo – Andre

In the video Jojo is at her mans house while he is setting up for his art show. She goes into each room of his house checking out everything about him that she loves so much.

The best part is that her “Andre” is Andre 3000 from Outkast. While recently explaining the inspiration behind the record, JoJo told Rap-Up TV that she used Three Stacks as the inspiration for the track because  “Andre’s style is something that I love. I just think the sexiest thing is when a man is himself and does his own thing, and there’s a really great example of that in André Benjamin.”

Jojo has always been one of my favorite artist. She never fails to impress me. The song and video are both amazing! OnPoint!