Chapter 10: Its Because I Love You (The Real Me)

“its Because I Love You” is a fan fiction created by Domonique Hume.


(It’s Because I Love You) Chapter 8: Mixed Signals

OMAR Omar yelled, “Did you hear me the first time?” I couldn’t speak, looking at the phone then back at Omar. I decided in that moment, to cut the conversation short whispering, “I’ll call you back”. Quickly I hung up the phone, then looked over at Omar. I thought to myself, I can play this…Read more »

(Its Because I Love You) Chapter 6: You Don’t Understand

Christina “I have to think about it”, I said uneasy. “What is there to think about?” Trey said irritated. “You don’t understand”, I said trying to end the conversation. “I can’t understand something you’re not telling me” “It’s too much to explain”, I replied hoping Trey would get the point. “Christina I love you and…Read more »